Celebrating 34 years of Dance 1986 – 2020

The mission of DANCE est Joie, Inc. is to provide opportunities for the gifted dancer seeking a professional career and through public service to educate the community in the dance arts. DANCE est Joie is a sole-supporting, not for profit company and receives no grants or federal funds. Organizing the first ever “Dance-A-Thon” the two time event raised over $14,000.00 for the neonatal unit at Mercy hospital. By giving back to the community DANCE est Joie is reaching it goal.



Congratulations to the 2020-2021 DANCE est Joie company members:

Kamryn Adams, Bentley Andres, Holland Berryman, Haley Biggs, Reese Bone,
Madelyn Buchanan, Sheridyn Buchanan, Marlee Cagle, Klara Collins, Aniston Cox,
Gianna DeWitt, Taylin Erwin, Ella Harmon, Jenna Hawley, Ava Huddleston,
Clara Hurst, Evie Johnston, Christian Lowe, Josie Martin, Alexandra Matlox,
Adisen McEvoy-Blackburn, Maeli McMahen, Stephanie Raggio, Sydney Rincon, Channing Ross,
Madeline Ruckman, Veda Schaffer, June Schnellenberger, Allison Smith, Hadley Thessing,
Kennedy Weedon, Sophia Weidner, Avery Whittington, Ellie Wilkinson, Tara Young

Rainbow Dance Competition Results
February 14th-16th
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Tap Your Troubles Away – Platinum, Elite Starz Tap Solo High Score, 4th Overall Elite Starz Solo Age 9-11
At the Diner – Platinum, 5th Overall Elite Starz Duet/Trio Age 9-11
Stand By You – Platinum
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better – Platinum
Alleviation – Platinum, Elite Starz Lyrical Duet/Trio High Score, 9th Overall Elite Starz Duet/Trio Age 15-19
The Story – Platinum
Throne Room – Platinum
Waves – Platinum
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Platinum
Train Wreck – Platinum
In This Shirt – Platinum, NYC All Star Invitation
Fire on Fire – Platinum
Bad Dream – Platinum

Hollywood Dance Jamz Competition and Convention Results
February 7th-9th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Here Comes the Sun – High Gold
A Star is Born – High Gold
Came Here for Love – Platinum, 1st Overall Intermediate Jazz Solo
Tap Your Troubles Away – That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Intermediate Tap Solo, 1st Overall Intermediate Solo
Let Yourself Go – Platinum
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – High Gold
Big Time – Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Large Group
At the Diner – High Gold
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better – High Gold
Soar – High Gold
Stand By You – Platinum, 1st Overall Intermediate Lyrical Duo/Trio, 1st Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio
Survivor – Platinum, 1st Overall Intermediate Contemporary Small Group
I Like it Like That – High Gold
Black Velvet – High Gold
Alleviation – That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio, Best Choreography, 1st Overall Senior Duo/Trio
Mini Maniacs – Platinum, Most Entertaining
Waves – Platinum
Spider – Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Contemporary Small Group, 1st Overall Senior Group
Train Wreck – Platinum
Fake Your Way to the Top – High Gold
Take Over – Platinum
Trone Room – High Gold
The Story – High Gold
Feeling Good – High Gold
Rain – Platinum
Bad Dream – Platinum
In This Shirt – High Gold
Fire on Fire – That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Lyrical Solo
Someone You Loved – Platinum
They Just Keep Moving the Line – Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Musical Theatre Solo
Can We Just Talk? – High Gold

HDJ Audition Callbacks

Sydni Bottjen
Sawyer Eddins
Christian Lowe
Daelyn Tuck
Avery Whittington
Ellie Wilkinson
Phoebe Williams
Tara Young


Sydni Bottjen – HDJ I AM THE JAM Multi City Scholarship
Gia DeWitt – HDJ National Scholarship
Sawyer Eddins – HDJ Regional Scholarship and Go 2 Talent Agency Audition Finalist
Evie Johnson – HDJ National Scholarship
Christian Lowe – Go 2 Talent Agency Audition Finalist
Lily Norman – HDJ Nationals Scholarship
Daelyn Tuck – HDJ Nationals Scholarship
Avery Whittington – HDJ Regional Scholarship
Ellie Wilkinson – HDJ Nationals Scholarship
Tara Young – HDJ Nationals Scholarship

DanceMakers, Inc. Competition Results and Convention
March 6th-8th
Kansas City, Missouri

A Star is Born – Second Place, Junior Group Music Theatre Category High Score, Judges’ Pick Junior Group
Alleviation – First Place, Judges’ Pick Senior Duo/Trio
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better – Second Place, Preteen Duo/Trio Musical Theatre Category High Score
At The Diner – First Place
Bathing Beauties – Second Place, Camp Dance Adventure Musical Theatre Category High Score, 2nd Runner Up Overall Camp Dance Adventure High Score
Big Time – First Place, Senior Line Musical Theatre Category High Score, Directors’ Pick Senior Line
Black Velvet – Second Place
Fake Your Way to the Top – Second Place, Judges’ Pick Preteen Line
Here Comes the Sun – Second Place, Junior Duo/Trio Lyrical Category High Score, Judges’ Pick Junior Duo/Trio
I Like it Like That – Second Place
Let Yourself Go – Second Place
Mini Maniacs – Second Place
Soar – Second Place
Spider – First Place, Judges’ Pick Senior Group
Stand By You – Second Place, Directors’ Pick Preteen Duo/Trio
Survivor – Second Place
Take Over – Second Place, Directors’ Pick Senior Duo/Trio

All DANCE est Joie soloists had outstanding performances! Participation medals were awarded to each soloist following their onstage performance.

Additional Awards, Scholarships, and Recognition

DMI National Scholarships:
Taylin Erwin and Christian Lowe

Courage Regional Scholarship:
Bentley Andres
Maeli McMahen

Sawyer Eddins – Mr. Senior High Score Solo 1st Runner Up

DANCE est Joie members received the Schaffer Studio Award for showing support, encouragement, and professionalism while sharing their love of dance with others throughout the weekend in Kansas City. Being acknowledged for their performances and participation is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but I believe being recognized for their integrity and character is truly the greatest honor for these talented students.