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 DANCE est Joie, Inc.

Dancing for Joy since 1986

The mission of DANCE est Joie, Inc. is to provide opportunities for the gifted dancer seeking a professional career and through public service to educate the community in the dance arts. DANCE est Joie is a sole-supporting, not for profit company and receives no grants or federal funds. Organizing the first ever “Dance-A-Thon” the two time event raised over $14,000.00 for the neonatal unit at Mercy hospital. By giving back to the community DANCE est Joie is reaching it goal.

DANCE est Joie, Inc. Company Members 2022 – 2023

Kamryn Adams
Bentley Andres
Emma Baker
Holland Berryman
Madelyn Buchanan
Kaylee Cagle
Marlee Cagle
Klara Collins
Reese Daly
Gianna DeWitt

Chloe Durham
Taylin Erwin
Maci Goodman
Jenna Hawley
Clara Hurst
Evie Johnston
Aubree Lane
Christian Lowe
Livv Loren Madding
Josie Martin

Kate McCorkle
Maeli McMahen
Stephanie Raggio
Channing Ross
Madeline Ruckman
Veda Schaffer
June Schnellenberger
Eliza Rose Simonian
Allison Smith
Brinleigh Spann

Dani Spinas
Hadley Thessing
Abigail Voris
Sophia Weidner
Avery Whittington
Ellie Wilkinson
Parker Williams
Phoebe Williams
Ruby Wicher

 DANCE est Joie, Inc. 2023 – 2024
Competition and Performance Teams Audition Information

Tuesday, May 30th

DANCE est Joie, Inc. 2023-2024 audition workshop at GDDS

Wednesday, May 31th

Open studio opportunity for auditioning dancers

Thursday, June 1st

DANCE est Joie, Inc. 2023-2024 auditions at GDDS

A more detailed schedule for all audition events will be announced at a later date. Pre-audition meeting for the 2023-2024 DANCE est Joie, Inc. Competition and Performance Companies will take place in April and/or May. Attendance at a meeting by the dancer’s parent or guardian will be required prior to the audition. Mrs. Rebecca will be reviewing all expectations and information in the DANCE est Joie, Inc. Handbook for the new season.

DANCE est Joie, Inc. Company Recent Competition

Hollywood Dance Jamz • Branson, Missouri • January 13th-15th

  • Pink Panther — Gold
  • Power Of The Dream — High Hold
  • Show Off — Gold
  • Danger Zone — Gold
  • New Dorp. New York. — Platinum, 3rd Overall Preteen Jazz Solo
  • Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing — High Hold
  • Weatherman — Platinum
  • Give My Regards To Broadway — Platinum-Gold, 1st Overall Preteen Tap Solo
  • Wondering — High Gold
  • Hit Me With A Hot Note — High Gold
  • Stepsister’s Lament — High Gold
  • 20th Century Fox Mambo — Platinum
  • I’d Love To Change The World — Platinum
  • Dangerous — Platinum, 2nd Overall Teen Jazz Solo
  • Superstar — High Gold
  • iRobot — High Gold, 1st Overall teen hip hop solo
  • Fabulous — Platinum
  • Can You Do This — High Gold
  • PrettyGlamSwag — Gold, 1st Overall Preteen Hip Hop Duo/Trio
  • Mambo Italiano — High Gold, 3rd Overall Preteen Jazz Duo/Trio
  • LOOK — Platinum, 1st Overall Teen Jazz Duo/Trio, 4th Overall Teen Duo/Trio
  • Sway — High Gold
  • Treat Me Right — That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Jazz Solo, 4th Overall Senior Solo
  • Bennie— Platinum, 3rd Overall Senior Jazz Solo
  • Sign Of The Times — Platinum
  • Is That Alright — High Gold
  • Piece By Piece — High Gold
  • Boogie Wonderland — Platinum
  • Recess — Platinum, 1st Overall Junior Hip Hop Small Group
  • It’s Party Time — High Gold
  • Zero to Hero — High Gold
  • Somebody To Love — Platinum, 1st Overall Preteen Jazz Large Group, 2nd Overall Preteen Large Group
  • Women Of Hip Hop — High Gold, 1st Overall Preteen Hip Hop Small Group
  • Baby, That is Rock & Roll — Platinum, 1st Overall Preteen Musical Theatre Large Group, Most Entertaining, 3rd Overall Preteen Large Group
  • One More Try — Platinum
  • Run — Platinum, 1st Overall Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio, 4th Overall Senior Duo/Trio
  • Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing — That’s My Jam, 1st Overall Senior Jazz Small Group, 3rd Overall Senior Small Group
  • Blacktop — That’s My Jam, 2nd Overall Senior Contemporary Small Group, Judge’s Choice Award: Cat, 2nd Overall Senior Small Group
  • New York State Of Mind — Platinum

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients!

Livv Loren Madding — HDJ National Finals Scholarship
Aubree Lane — HDJ Regional Scholarship (Barry’s Parent Groove Class Winner)
Maci Goodman — HDJ Regional Scholarship, Junior Audition Callback
Hadley Thessing — HDJ Regional Scholarship, Preteen Audition Callback
Evie Johnston — HDJ National Finals Scholarship
Ellie Wilkinson — LA Agency Finalist at HDJ Nationals
Gianna DeWitt — HDJ Regional Scholarship, Teen Audition Callback
Christian Lowe — HDJ Regional Scholarship, Teen Audition Callback
Avery Whittington — I AM THE JAM Scholarship, Teen Audition Callback
Maeli McMahen — HDJ Regional Scholarship, Senior Audition Callback
Sophia Weidner — HDJ National Finals Scholarship

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